January 15, 2009

2008 year in Review (part one)

It's 2009 and I haven't posted in over a year so I'm going to make a ginormus post summarizing all of 2008.
From here on my resolution is to stay fit and caught up in my life.
January 3rd set the stage for the entire year when my beloved mom died of renal cancer.
We are a very close family and this was an overwhelming emotional roller coaster that changed my perspective on life and mortality in a good way.
I created a video tribute with the generous help of my friend and graphic designer Rhonda Moore.
The first image is of mom and her triple trouble in 1963 (me on far left) and 42 years later was our last "nice" group shot in 2005. The last image was the announcement for her services.




After the service we had the most incredible "Celebration of Life" reception hosted by my friend Jennifer Carlsson of Cigi's Waterfront.
A day that began with tears, ended with laughter and fond memories of my moms wonderful life.
I miss you mom.

January 12
Ulrich's 50th Anniversary


February 2
Lauren and Andy's Wedding



Check out their slide show and signature book or entire wedding.

February 8
Kelly and Scott's engagement session collage.


March 1
Second shooter for Gillian at Christine and Daniel's wedding.


March 26
Jillian and Michael's engagement session.


Love their signature book.

April 2
Rachael's senior portrait session.


April 5
Addie and Pete's wedding with Tracy Sherman at beautiful Coto De Caza. She is a pleasure to work with and flattered me by using my photos for their spread in The Knot magazine.


April 8
The start of an awesome 4 week intensive (missional photography) at Rock Harbor. I was in the presence of Dane Sanders, Jessica Claire and Mike Colon. Yep, I was in lala land.


She digs me.


Piggy backin' the Mike man. GREAT TIME !

April 10
The high was immediately squelched by the reality of turning 50. Hey, it's just a number.
I was the victim of a huge surprise party. Thanks again to everyone for a great time.


April 24
Promotional shot for The All American Boys Chorus Asia tour.


April 26
Amber's senior portrait session. Tons of great shots that will eventually show up on my site.



April 28
I've been working with the fine people at QSC Audio for 15 years now.



Congratulations on their 40 year anniversary.

May 1
Promotional shoot for the band Aviation Hero. Had fun with them young whipper snappers.


May 25
Another fun family portrait session.



This concludes part one.

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I'm diggin' it, oh mighty mentor of mine!!!! Can't wait to see part two!!! Beautiful!